Association of Laboratory Managers

ALMA is the association of laboratory managers from around the world providing a forum for improving laboratory management skills through conferences, short courses, networks, discussion groups, and other means of sharing ideas and knowledge.


Managers from around the world are invited to attend the Association of Laboratory Managers' (ALMA) 2014 Conference November 4-7 in the beautiful setting of the Loews Hotel in Annapolis, Maryland.  

This year's theme "Make Your Laboratory Organization the Best It Can Be" promises to provide every manager of a laboratory based organization, whether experienced or just starting out, take aways to immediately put into practice to improve the performance of their organization and its capabilities. Click on this link for the conference program.

Join And Become A Part of the Association of Laboratory Managers (ALMA)
ALMA membership is available to laboratory managers from all scientific disciplines, in all types of laboratories located around the world. There are many ways to become a part of ALMA

Individual Membership
Members have access to the ALMA library which contains slides from previous conferences and workshops at Pittcon, monthly tips on safety and laboratory management and summaries of the peer roundtable discussions held at the conference, get reduced registration fees at the conferences and workshop courses and are able to post and see lab management opportunities. In addition membership dues help bring in outstanding presenters at the ALMA conference and workshops and help ALMA manage the LinkedIn Lab Manager group. The cost of an individual membership for one year is $50.  Join the Association of Laboratory Managers or see if it's time to renew your membership.
Organization Membership
A company or organization can join ALMA to include all of the laboratory managers within the company or organization as individual members. The cost of organizational membership is $500. Organization members can post job opportunities.  Join the Association of Laboratory Managers.
ALMA LinkedIn Lab Manager Group
Join the LinkedIn Association of Laboratory Managers group at under the Groups tab. The ALMA LinkedIn group provides the opportunity to post questions and join in discussions on laboratory management challenges with over 1700 peers from around the world. It's free.
Conference Exhibitors
ALMA offers a limited number of table top exhibit spaces to suppliers of laboratory equipment, supplies and services. The cost of an exhibit table is $1000 (free to Gold and Platinum sponsors).


Sponsor Highlight


American Elements' catalog of more than 15,000 products makes it the world’s largest metals and chemicals company devoted exclusively to advanced materials for the laboratory field. Our dedication to the highest possible quality control and lot-to-lot consistency is equally matched by our goal to be at the forefront of creating a sustainable planet that continually moves towards improving the human experience for all mankind.

Our research programs have been a key source for academic and corporate research and new product development for over two decades. Our fundamental expertise in the properties, applications, and cost-effective manufacturing of advanced and engineered materials, including ultra high purity refining (99.9999%) and nanoscale materials, allows us to meet the needs of thousands of global research and laboratories facilities (including over 30% of the Fortune 50), all U.S. and many foreign national laboratories, universities throughout the world, and  customers in a wide range of industry fields, such as energy, electronics, aerospace, defense, automotive, optics, green technology and pharmaceuticals. American Elements also produces numerous customer proprietary formulations from our network of six production facilities in four countries worldwide.


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Shimadzu Scientific Instruments (SSI) is the North American subsidiary of Shimadzu Corporation’s Analytical and Measuring Division. Headquartered in Columbia, Maryland, SSI was established in 1975 as a distribution center providing analytical solutions to a wide range of laboratories and lab-services providers in the Americas.

Today, SSI’s focus is expanded greatly beyond distribution. Steady and controlled growth has seen the opening of nine regional offices across the United States; a Customer Training and Education Center; Shimadzu U.S.A. Manufacturing, which supplies high-performance liquid chromatographs (HPLC), gas chromatography mass spectrometers (GCMS), and other high-tech products to the U.S. market; and, most recently, a state-of-the-art Solution Center laboratory that serves as a showcase for Shimadzu instruments/platforms and enables more collaborative research with customers.

SSI offers a full line of analytical measurement and testing instrumentation for a broad range of applications in science and industry. Products include chromatographs (HPLC/UFLC/UHPLC, GC); mass spectrometers (GC-MS/MS, LC-MS/MS, MALDI); spectrophotometers (FT-IR, Fluorescence, UV-VIS-NIR); atomic spectrometers (AA, ICP); X-ray spectrometers (EDX, XRD, XRF); thermal analyzers; Total Organic Carbon (TOC) analyzers; data systems/software; particle size analyzers; balances; and electromechanical testers.

With a vast installed base and preferred vendor status at many institutions, our instruments are used by top researchers across the globe. And, by partnering with customers, Shimadzu continues to develop and manufacture analytical instruments that deliver results faster and more efficiently than ever before to meet the needs of researchers, scientists, and manufacturers.







ALMA 2014 Conference "Make Your Laboratory Organization the Best It Can Be"

November 4-7, 2014

Loews Hotel

Annapolis. Maryland USA

ALMA Sponsors

The logos of ALMA sponsors are on the ALMA homepage and are links to the sponsors website so that lab managers can readily access what our sponsors have to offer. Sponsorship demonstrates to laboratory managers they support their professional association and their personal growth through what ALMA has to offer.
There are three levels of sponsorship.
Silver ($1000)
- logo on ALMA webpage that links to your website
- one time use of ALMA's mailing list of over 4500 lab managers worldwide
- able to post job listings on the website (5-8 every two months)
- a company highlight email sent to our mailing list announcing the sponsorship
Gold ($2500)
- above plus
- quarterly use of ALMA's mailing list of over 4500 lab managers worldwide
- full page black and white ad in the annual conference program
- free exhibit table at the conference
- able to post job listings on the website (15-20 every two months)
Platinum ($5000)
- above plus
- unlimited use of ALMA's mailing list of over 4500 lab managers worldwide
- full page black and white ad in the annual conference program
- able to post unlimited job listings on the website.

Thank you to the following sponsors for their generous support of ALMA:
Agilent Technologies
AI Instruments
Air Products
Baytek International
Dynasim Technical Services
Wheaton-Microliter Analytical Supply
American Elements
Cosa Xentaur
Lab Manager Magazine
Reflect Scientific