Association of Laboratory Managers

ALMA is the association of laboratory managers from around the world providing a forum for improving laboratory management skills through conferences, short courses, networks, discussion groups, and other means of sharing ideas and knowledge.


Managers from around the world are invited to attend the Association of Laboratory Managers' (ALMA) 2014 Conference November 4-7 in the beautiful setting of the Loews Hotel in Annapolis, Maryland.  Please make your reservation at the Loews Hotel by visiting, select arrival and departure dates, choose "Group" from the Partner/Group Rates dropdown, and enter the group code, ALMO20.  We have for ALMA attendees, a room rate of $129 per night plus taxes.  You must make your reservation by October 13, 2014 to receive the conference rate.

This year's theme "Make Your Laboratory Organization the Best It Can Be" promises to provide every manager of a laboratory based organization, whether experienced or just starting out, take aways to immediately put into practice to improve the performance of their organization and its capabilities. Click on this link for the conference program.

Interested in providing a poster paper at the conference?  Contact Zuzanna Donnelly at

The pre-conference workshops will take place on Tuesday, November 4th and Wednesday, November 5th.  The descriptions are linked below.


To register, click here.

$600.00 - Conference Only - no workshops
$1,150.00 - Conference and 1 workshop
$1,600.00 - Conference and 2 workshops
$595.00 - 1 (one) Workshop only - not attending conference
$1,095.00 - 2 (two) Workshops only - not attending conference

ALMA offers a limited number of table top exhibit spaces to suppliers of laboratory equipment, supplies and services. The cost of an exhibit table is $1000 (free to Gold and Platinum sponsors).Click here to download the Sponsor/Exhibitor Agreement. If you are interested in exhibiting, please email

Join And Become A Part of the Association of Laboratory Managers (ALMA)
ALMA membership is available to laboratory managers from all scientific disciplines, in all types of laboratories located around the world. There are many ways to become a part of ALMA

Individual Membership
Members have access to the ALMA library which contains slides from previous conferences and workshops at Pittcon, monthly tips on safety and laboratory management and summaries of the peer roundtable discussions held at the conference, get reduced registration fees at the conferences and workshop courses and are able to post and see lab management opportunities. In addition membership dues help bring in outstanding presenters at the ALMA conference and workshops and help ALMA manage the LinkedIn Lab Manager group. The cost of an individual membership for one year is $50.  Join the Association of Laboratory Managers or see if it's time to renew your membership.
Organization Membership
A company or organization can join ALMA to include all of the laboratory managers within the company or organization as individual members. The cost of organizational membership is $500. Organization members can post job opportunities.  Join the Association of Laboratory Managers.
ALMA LinkedIn Lab Manager Group
Join the LinkedIn Association of Laboratory Managers group at under the Groups tab. The ALMA LinkedIn group provides the opportunity to post questions and join in discussions on laboratory management challenges with over 1700 peers from around the world. It's free.
Conference Exhibitors
ALMA offers a limited number of table top exhibit spaces to suppliers of laboratory equipment, supplies and services. The cost of an exhibit table is $1000 (free to Gold and Platinum sponsors). Click here to download the Sponsor/Exhibitor Agreement.


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Get Insight…PANalytical is the world’s leading supplier of X-ray analytical instrumentation and related techniques, including X-ray diffraction (XRD), X-ray fluorescence (XRF), near-infrared (NIR) spectrometry, optical emission spectroscopy (OES) and pulsed fast and thermal neutron activation (PFTNA).  Our systems support many industries for process control, such as petrochemicals, metals, pharmaceuticals, cement, mining, energy and more.  Our systems also play an important role in research centers, government labs, and more than 75% of the top universities in the world.  Our headquarters for the Americas is located in Westborough, MA, and houses a dynamic and collaborative group of colleagues supporting our internal and external customers across the Americas in functional groups such as Application laboratories, Customer Care Center, Marketing and Sales Support, Finance, and Operations Management.  PANalytical is globally headquartered in Almelo, Netherlands, with offices in more than 60 countries and a workforce near 1100 strong. 

Our flagship product for X-ray Diffraction is the R&D Award-winning Empyrean XRD system.  Empyrean offers the most applications on a single platform, ranging from qualitative and quantitative powder diffraction, microdiffraction and thin film applications, to hard radiation pair distribution function (PDF) analysis for structural information from nanomaterials to Computed Tomography (CT) imaging.   

Epsilon 1 is a brand new, fully integrated bench-top energy dispersive XRF analyzer consisting of a spectrometer, built-in computer and touch screen, offering dedicated application solutions.  The system is pre-calibrated and is an out-of-the-box solution with guaranteed performance. Epsilon 1 produces fast, cost-effective, precise and accurate data with minimal operator dependence and sample preparation. The total running cost is therefore relatively low at about only €1 per sample. This is far less than techniques such as AAS, ICP and wet chemical methods that are costly and also require a dedicated skilled operator. 

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Vertére began 25 years ago with the vision of creating an inventory tool to support the scientific community. Since that time we have become the leader in turn-key chemical inventory and laboratory equipment management solutions with our inventory software applications that utilize barcode technology. We continue to help our customers improve their bottom line by transitioning to modern and efficient inventory control techniques. Our software is used every day by several thousand customers in 450 organizations across four continents to improve safety, minimize risk and save time and money. We serve large and small universities, government organizations and corporate laboratories, all who depend on Vertere to solve their inventory management problems. Vertére has continuously updated our software to the latest technology to meet our customer's changing requirements. We are proud that today our web-based enterprise systems, both client installed and Vertére hosted (SaaS), serve the same clients who have seen our software evolve for more than two decades. We have a dedicated and experienced support staff and their passion and our driving commitment as a company is to serve our clients. Our client satisfaction is reflected in the highest retention rate in the industry.


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Ref It™ Technology, by DynaSim Technical Services, INC

Ref It™ Technology is an “Intelligently Simple Way to Manage Data.”  If commercial LIMS packages seem overdone, complicated, rigid, or very expensive, Ref It™ Technology could be your answer. 

Ref It™ Technology is a simple-to-use and highly flexible database technology that uses familiar software programs, such as Microsoft Excel™ and Visio™, as interfaces.  You do not have to have any knowledge or experience in database management or programming to use Ref It™.  Upon installation, a new Ref It™ ribbon shows up in your Microsoft Excel™ program.  By the clicks of buttons, you can create custom variables, send data and documents to a database, browse and retrieve data sets based on iterative selection criteria, and link data to drawings.  Behind the scenes, Ref It™ translates your activity into commands that maintain and interact with Microsoft SQL Server™ databases.

Ref It™ Technology can be used to manage any type of data, including sample collection and testing results data.  Output data from laboratory equipment can be translated into searchable data.  Data structures can be easily configured and modified for special projects and changing data needs, while retaining complete structural integrity.  Ref It™ Technology is also perfect for interactive project teams who share complex and dynamic data.

Read more about Ref It™ Technology on the Products and Services page of our website: 







ALMA 2014 Conference "Make Your Laboratory Organization the Best It Can Be"  Register here

November 4-7, 2014

Loews Hotel

Annapolis. Maryland USA

ALMA Sponsors

The logos of ALMA sponsors are on the ALMA homepage and are links to the sponsors website so that lab managers can readily access what our sponsors have to offer. Sponsorship demonstrates to laboratory managers they support their professional association and their personal growth through what ALMA has to offer.
There are three levels of sponsorship. Click here to download the Agreement.
Silver ($1000)
- logo on ALMA webpage that links to your website
- one time use of ALMA's mailing list of over 4500 lab managers worldwide
- able to post job listings on the website (5-8 every two months)
- a company highlight email sent to our mailing list announcing the sponsorship
Gold ($2500)
- above plus
- quarterly use of ALMA's mailing list of over 4500 lab managers worldwide
- full page black and white ad in the annual conference program
- free exhibit table at the conference
- able to post job listings on the website (15-20 every two months)
Platinum ($5000)
- above plus
- unlimited use of ALMA's mailing list of over 4500 lab managers worldwide
- full page black and white ad in the annual conference program
- able to post unlimited job listings on the website.

Thank you to the following sponsors for their generous support of ALMA:
Agilent Technologies
AI Instruments
Air Products
Baytek International
Dynasim Technical Services
Wheaton-Microliter Analytical Supply
American Elements
Cosa Xentaur
Lab Manager Magazine
Reflect Scientific